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On November 20, 2010, Snappys Adventure Play Centre started its online journey, as a way for our founder to publish all his knowledge about event planning. Most of the people are happy due to the amazing and educational content the magazine features. In here, you will learn a few important things about events.

Since Snappys Adventure Play Centre started, the magazine counts with a big reader’s base comprised almost entirely of mothers who love our content.Besides, they recommend us as a great site if you want to learn new things and create wonderful themes for children’s parties.

The main goal of the magazine is to be acknowledged as the most enjoyable magazine for the family in which you can learn useful party tips and ideas. Here in Snappys Adventure Play, you will learn how to spend your leisure time in a wonderful variety of parks and to know which venue is better for parties and events.

It all Started with a Coffee

Connor Slater, our 30-year-old founder, realized that he loves to organize parties and special events for both young and adults. He always dreamed to have a space where he could talk about birthday party ideas, baby showers, weddings, and all kinds of events created to celebrate.

Our founder got the idea to create this magazine while having a cup of coffee with friends and family at the park, as he thought that leisure parksare wonderful sites for the family. After all, these places allowpeople to take a break, do some exercises, and even play table games with theirloved ones.